Expectations of Generation Z from Perspective of Employers: The Delphi Method

Abstract :

This paper aims to identify the factors and areas that Generation Z expects from its employers. However, these expectations are not identified by the representatives of the Z generation themselves, but by the employers themselves represented by HR specialists from Czech companies. For the research was theoretically defined and practical used three-round questioning in the form of Delphi method. The results indicate that employers are able to identify areas that are crucial for Generation Z. However, this identification is not entirely accurate and there are areas such as the need for your own workspace, the importance of the corporate social responsibility concept (CSR), the emphasis on diversity or the business mindset that are important to the Z generation, but employers themselves have not identified them as important. On the contrary, there was a consensus between the expectations of both sides in the areas of learning & development, rewarding or attractive corporate culture. The need for a gradual shift of concentration from Milenialls towards the Gen Z is thus a necessary activity that will give businesses the needed advantage in labor markets.