Evaluation of The Military Integrated Multi-Level Information System of The Ministry of National Defense (IMLIS MND) [Pol. ZWSI RON] Supporting The Management of Logistics In The Polish Armed Forces of The Republic of Poland As The Determinant of The Country’s Military Security

Abstract :

According to experts in the field of military security, effective management and leadership of a large organisation, which is undoubtedly the Ministry of National Defence (MND) [pol. RON], is not possible today without a well-functioning information system, especially a logistical one, which includes IT tools supporting the management of military resources. The recognition that the state of computerisation of MND in the area of logistics, human resources and finance is archaic and the growing need to ensure military security in the new geopolitical conditions contributed to the development, implementation and exploitation of the Integrated Multi-level Information System of the Ministry of National Defence (IMLIS MND) [pol. ZWSI RON]. The paper presents the genesis of implementation, the current state of work on IMLIS MND and prospects for development of this system. The article describes, among other things, the organization of the implementation process, basic functionalities of the system, as well as the prospects of development of new functionalities as of 2019. According to the author, a particularly important value of the article are the results of research related to the evaluation of the IMLIS MND information system in terms of the impact on the quality of the military logistics system management and related to the evaluation of its functionality from the point of view of employees (users) operating the system.