Evaluation of Effectiveness of The Forms of Professional Activisation in Poland In Voivodeships

Abstract :

Since Poland's accession to the European Union in 2004, the Polish labour market has changed. Activities of labour offices aimed at economic activisation of the unemployed and reduction of structural mismatches on the labour market have increased. Costly implementation of such measures is connected with carrying out evaluation studies and research on their effectiveness. To assess the effectiveness of the implemented forms of economic activisation, the cost of participation in the form of activation, employment and cost effectiveness coefficients are determined. The aim of this article is to assess the effectiveness of using, by poviat employment offices, funds from the Labour Fund in the years 2008-2018 for financing basic forms of professional activisation. The evaluation of the effectiveness of programmes was based on the map: cost effectiveness - employment effectiveness. The study pointed to the differentiation of effectiveness of the use of funds in individual voivodeships. In Poland, after 2011, the effectiveness of labour offices' activities related to economic activation of the unemployed improved.