Equipment and Accessories Supporting Soldiers’ Feeding in Contemporary Operations

Abstract :

Proper nutrition is one of the key factors affecting the accomplishment of tasks by soldiers. Nutrition in field conditions takes place with the use of food rations, which include, among others, accessories, such as cutlery and disposable tableware and warmers. The Polish Armed Forces should meet the new demands of the modern battlefield. Involvement in various armed conflicts and peacekeeping missions around the world increases the demands for contemporary soldiers. Therefore, it must be provided with appropriate conditions to perform the tasks entrusted to them. One of the elements that can help soldiers can be modernization of equipment, including food equipment. The updating of the equipment can be associated with innovative heating techniques, e.g. using solar energy. The increasing use of food rations during field training causes that more and more post-consumer waste is generated. In the face of legal changes resulting in the withdrawal of certain plastics from the market, new solutions should be sought for biodegradable or compostable materials, the introduction of which will contribute to the broadly understood environmental protection.