Epistemological Proposal on The Concept of Hybridity for Libraries

Abstract :

The Information Science field has discussed different shared specifications of conceptualization which comprises the diversity of support, processes, resources and people by which the library needs to adapt. The question remains about the conceptual identification of the terminology hybrid libraries. The aim is to contribute for the literature in the Information Science field by proposing a concept of hybrid library which comprises the social sphere, in the range of developments existing in the society, in libraries. The study is theoretical and aims at discussing and improving theoretical and conceptual foundations. It is a qualitative and bibliographical research. The method of Discourse Analysis is used to analyze the concepts of hybrid library developed by authors who study the theme. It is noticed that in the hybrid library environment there is a greater flexibility in products and services offered, since it originates from an organizational structure which proposes multiplicity of languages in the institution practices. The epistemological discussion in the construction of a concept of hybrid libraries needs to take into account the impact between the use of technologies and the provision of services that promote the social inclusion of communities in each hybrid environment, considering their culture, values and principles.