Entrepreneurial attitudes among high school students as a source of future economic initiatives

Abstract :

The purpose of this publication is to identify the factors affecting the willingness of high school students to start their own business in the future. In the theoretical part, the authors synthetically present the essence of entrepreneurship and its manifestations among ?high school students against the background of the educational process. In the second part of the article, based on the results of their own surveys conducted among students of selected Polish high schools, they verify the impact of ten explained variables determined by the students' self-assessment made through the prism of their entrepreneurial attitudes and experience in the field of entrepreneurial activity on the explained variable determining their propensity to launch their own entrepreneurship.

The analyses carried out as part of the article led to the conclusions that students who perceive themselves as entrepreneurs are more likely to consider setting up their own business. Identifying (as part of self-assessment) two entrepreneurial qualities, i.e., openness and willingness to undertake risks, by the surveyed students plays a special role in this respect. Moreover, the real factor in which students declare that they will start their own business in the future is the growing experience obtained as a result of the practical use of entrepreneurial features they perceive in themselves.