Emotional Intelligence and Project Success: Empirical Study on International Non-Governmental Organizations in Jordan

Abstract :

Over the past few decades, many research attempts have been made to understand the various aspects of intelligence that governs the rationale, cognitive and decision making processes within the human mind. Emotional Intelligence is one such facet of intelligence that has seen a growing interest amongst researchers and scientists alike, with relevance to its role in various areas of one’s personality. This research examined a detailed roadmap for International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) to understand and strategize their project’s progress in conjunction with the various emotional intelligence factors that facilitate or impede the decision making process within the projects. An empirical survey was conducted and 141 valid questionnaires were collected from project managers in INGO, in Jordan. Results found emotional intelligence has a significant effect on project success, job satisfaction, and trust. Also, job satisfaction played a mediation role between emotional intelligence and project success.