Elements Concerning the Interaction – Public-Private Partnership – Foreign Direct Investments

Abstract :

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is important for promoting the economic development of a country, the adoption of this process being present in a wide range of activities in the field of infrastructure and services. Practicing the public-private partnership in financing the various projects is accompanied by the attraction and promotion of Foreign Direct Investments, these being an important source of private capital and, at the same time, an engine of development through the contribution of advanced experiences. The study highlights the beneficial role of the policies of practicing the public-private partnership with the commitment of Foreign Direct Investments, and the relevance of the involvement of the two sectors in the economy, by the advantages brought (the fulfilment of the investment flows needed for new objectives or for the development of others, the creation of new jobs etc.).? The issues of the penetration of foreign capital, through the Public-Private Partnership, in the Romanian economy, is shown, with some examples regarding the impact on some fields of activity.