Electronic Data Interchange Basis For The Functioning Of The Logistics Distribution Center

Abstract :

One of the basic aspects of modern logistics is the system approach, one of its subsystems is logistics distribution centres /LDC/. LDCs are complex facilities, consisting of storage areas, transport infrastructure for various transport branches, transhipment and storage equipment. They must have access to a land and/or sea long-distance transport route operated by means of local origins. They therefore include elements of the goods distribution system as well as transport network routes. These facilities deal with the coordination of logistics services (including transport) integrated with the flow of information, the quality control system and the provision of logistics services packages. The creation of logistics centres takes place as part of the development of new-generation seaports, by creating port logistic platforms, which become centres of comprehensive distribution of logistic services and economic growth poles in the development of regions. Ports of the whole of Europe, including Polish ones, such as: GdaƄsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and ?winouj?cie aspire to such a role. Within them the logistic centres will satisfy needs of business entities.