Effects of Young-Adults’ Loyalty on their Behavior towards Brand – A Comparative Analysis of Consumer Groups with Different Levels of Innovative Potential

Abstract :

Loyal consumers seem to be a group with the greatest potential for innovative companies who want to create new product solutions based on customer expectation. As heavy users, they have an idea of any advantages and shortcomings of a brand offer and a part of them is likely to get involved in the innovation process. Taking into account that the profile of innovators (according to Rogers theory) is connected with looking for adventure and benefits and in that with lower level of loyalty potential, the question arises, how innovative potential affects typical loyalty effects like price sensitivity, recommendation inclination, stable future purchasing Demonstrating or not innovative potential for the brand has become the basis for the analysis of loyalty behavior of young consumers. The purpose of the article is to describe profile of loyal young adults who show the innovative potential in comparison to young consumers, who lack the innovative idea for a brand. The survey method was used on the sample of 459 students in Poland. It has been concluded that level of innovativeness has a slight impact on loyal consumer behaviour and that the loyal consumers should be considered as a source of innovation