Effective Methods Of Project Management – Between The Coercion And Subsidiarity

Abstract :

The article presents a critical analysis of project management methods. The?evolution of these methods against the background of development of Management?and Organization studies is discussed. Pressure methods, characterized by the usage?of coercion and even violence in project and organization management, are?contrasted here with the supportive methods. Despite favoring the modern methods?(which exclude the coercion and violence) of project management in source?literature, the parallel and simultaneous usage of various methods is noticeable?though. The thesis that the effective project management requires the usage of?flexible tension between the pressure and supportive methods is being defended in?the article analogously to the Aristotle's Golden Mean rule. This is confirmed by the?following concepts: Six Action Shoes by E. de Bono; situational leadership by K.?Blanchard or D.McGregor's and W.Ouchi's theories which are a strong backup to the?project management. Research methods used in the article are based on the literature?study and case studies included in the previous cited articles of the author.