Education, Civic Culture, And Electoral Law And Practice

Abstract :

The article considers the importance of education in enhancing the political and legal culture of citizens, and increasing electoral activity.?For decades, both the school and higher education systems and the electoral system in the United States have evolved towards the consistent implementation of the principle of equal rights regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, age, or disability. In this regard, not only voter education during the election campaign, but also general civic education is of great importance.?The article examines the? "Bill of Voter Rights" fixed at the level of state law, analyzes education programs in the field of voting in the Russian Federation both at the federal and regional levels.?The need for more active, open and widespread involvement of local youth in various forms of political participation, as well as the possibility of using the American model of the "Bill of Voter Rights" ?at the level of federal law is noted.