Edcraft: A Gamified Classroom for Recycling Intention

Abstract :

Gamification is a method for engaging learning in a fun way in many of the educational settings. Numerous recycling intention researches were conducted on the application of the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), a theory that leads to intention, and Self-Determination Theory (SDT), a theory that leads to the motivation of acting on particular task through external and internal factors. This is a pilot study that aims to gamify learning classroom by studying the recycling intention of the participants before and after their gamifying classroom experiences. This learning experiences is called as Edcraft Gamified Learning (EGL). A pretest and a posttest were conducted with 14 research participants who completed their EGL activities. The pre and post test analysis through Wilcoxon signed rank was done, it is a ??a?non-parametric?statistical hypothesis test?used to compare two similar pre and post samples of EGL. Result has shown that the participants have no changes in intention. With this data, an actual study will be done in the next stage of the research with more samples to test on the recycling intention through EGL.