Economic Security of Households: Threat Identification and Risk Diagnosis Tools

Abstract :

The security of the national economy is largely determined by the economic security of the households operating in it. The stages of this study includes: pre-processing of open statistical data, identifying trends in socio-economic status of the households, determination the factors of influence on the state of economic security of households and formalization of the relevant groups of indicators,? grouping municipalities based on significant factors that affect the state of economic security of households. In this article we study the interrelation of internal (availability of own resources, directions and volumes of their use), external factors (social orientation of state budget expenditures) and the state of economic security of the household. Authors propose to use groups of indicators, characterizing the activities of households by functional basis for analyzing the state of economic security of a household. We have developed and applied relative indicators and generalized estimation coefficients that allow us to calculate the normative values of criteria for assessing the state of economic security of households depending on the specified values, as well as to assess the degree of risk of violation of economic security of households.?The positioning of the municipalities of the studied region was carried out according to the criteria of providing households with their own resources, resources allocated from the regional budget, and the use of total resources.?The proposed approach broadens the possibilities of identifying threats and diagnosing the risk of economic security of households. This method can be used in the methodology for assessing the current socio-economic policy of the subject of the Russian Federation and its municipalities.