Economic Security: New Threats and Countermeasures

Abstract :

Economic security - a guarantee of the country's independence, the condition of stability and effective life of society, to achieve success. Therefore, economic security is one of the most important national priorities. At the present stage of development of Russia objectively present both external and internal threats to the economic security of the state. The greatest danger to Russia are its internal threats. Taking place for a long time and the economic security of the continuing internal threats to Russia make it vulnerable to external influence. Crime in the economy stands today as one of the manifestations of the internal threats to economic security in Russia. Economic crime stands today as the most powerful negative factor, undermining the economic and, consequently, the national security. Economic crime occurs in areas where there is the opportunity to compete with the legal economy. In this case, the crime in this area cause more economic harm to citizens, society and the state than any other criminal acts.