Economic Prerequisites for Accelerated Innovative Development of Russia

Abstract :

The article explores the issues of ensuring accelerated innovative development of Russia. In particular, issues of the implementation of a number of state programs, national and federal projects in the field of supporting the creation of new technological solutions and innovations were considered. Special attention is paid to the structure of national projects, including goals, objectives and targets.?Attention is drawn to the features of the functioning of the economic complex of Russia, which in turn are considered as the main economic prerequisites for the accelerated technological development of the country. Among them: historical, sociocultural, resource, territorial, geopolitical.?A detailed description of these prerequisites is presented, with emphasis on the country's potential for further fundamental and applied research, allowing Russia to make a significant contribution to the formation of a new technological structure.?Also emphasized is the possibility of organizing balanced production throughout the country, taking into account the rational specialization of regional production complexes and their simultaneous mutually beneficial coordination.