E-Tutoring and Learning Organizations

Abstract :

Organizations paying sufficient attention to the education and training of their personnel have an undeniable advantage in the labour market, as opportunities for further education and promoting personnel’s learning activities have the potential to accelerate the processes inside organizations and increase the efficiency and quality of their services provided to their customers (Barna, 2019). Moreover, learning opportunities and space for professional and personal development of employees increase their job satisfaction and it is job satisfaction which can be the decisive factor from the aspect of an organization’s success on the market (Krásna, 2015).?In the presented paper, the authors deal with the topical issues of e-tutoring in the context of (learning) organizations and try describe the factors which can be important from the aspect of its application’s success of within an organization. For the elaboration of the topic, traditional desk research methods together with the methods of analysis, synthesis, description, comparison, generalisation, and idealisation were used.?Experiences indicate that the implementation of educational activities into the everyday life of an organization is not an easy task and, in this context, e-tutoring as a highly individualized form of learning in the online environment – which can be characterized as open, flexible and accessible – appears to be suitable both for the organizations and their personnel.