Diversity Management: Employees 50+ And The Achievable Benefits – The Case Of Polish Enterprises

Abstract :

The article determines whether diversity-management-oriented activities addressed to?employees above 50 years of age, which are carried out at enterprises, have an impact on?obtaining certain bene?ts with regards to managing human resources. The formulated?research hypothesis assumes that the implementation of the concept of diversity management on behalf of employees above 50 years of age does not provide the particular bene?ts stemming from the implementation of such solutions. Two groups of enterprises have been compared. The ?rst group, consisting of 49 people, was that of enterprises, which did not carry out activities in the scope of diversity with regards to older employees. The second group, consisted of 60 enterprises, which contained in the scope of diversity effo?s, inter alia, the group of older employees above 50 years of age. For the purpose of verifying the research hypothesis the Mann—Whitney U test (also called the Wilcoxon rank-sum test) has been applied, at an assumed level of signi?cance of p=0.05.