Digital Technologies in the Public Procurement System (Case of Russia)

Abstract :

One of the key trends of the 21st century is the digitization of the economy. This trend is fundamentally changing many areas of the economy and society. It is transforming the Public Procurement System (PPS). The aim of the study is to explore the possibilities of increasing the effectiveness of PPS by digital methods. The subject of study is the digitization of Russia’s PPS. The objectives are as follows: to consider the features of electronic document management in the field of public procurement; to study the essence and features of a unified information system in the field of public procurement; to analyze current trends in the development of digital technologies used in the implementation of public procurement. Research methods include the study of relevant legislation and literature, institutional and system analysis, comparison, and other. The analysis showed that the improvement of PPS and digitization are put forward as key priorities of the state economic policy. This is true both for Russia and for other countries of the world. Digitization of PPS necessitates the creation of a new institutional form of the public procurement market, the formation of a “smart” procurement economy. The study, based on Russian experience, identifies the main directions of PPS modernization based on its digitization. These results may be in demand in other countries, as well as internationally.