Differential Indicator of The Level of Development of the Mortgage System of The Region

Abstract :

The article shows that the modern Russian system of mortgage housing?lending is characterized by a low level of development, which is exacerbated by?huge imbalances in the development of mortgage lending in the regions. Under?these conditions, a massive and effective solution of the housing problem of the?population is a strategic task of the state. It is necessary to develop a strategic?action program aimed at solving problems in two directions. The first is related?to the development of criteria for assessing the mortgage potential of the regions?of the Russian Federation. The second is related to the development of a program?to reduce and eliminate regional mortgage inequality. This study is devoted?to the development of a differential indicator and the ranking of local mortgage?markets to form an address mechanism for state support of mortgage lending?in the Russian Federation. To achieve this goal, the article conducted a?comprehensive statistical analysis of the main factors in the development of?mortgage systems in the regions based on the methods of factor analysis.