Diagnosis Of Value Appropriation Processes In Strategic Areas Of Enterprise Management

Abstract :

This article constitutes a contribution to the research on the multidimensional value appropriation processes. By focusing on connecting two key indicators, profitability of the conducted activity and effectiveness of using the enterprise’s intellectual capital, value appropriation processes in strategic areas of the enterprise’s management, such as: profitability of the equity, profitability of assets and profitability of sales, were diagnosed. The first, theoretical part of the article presents the essence of value appropriation. The second part of the article presents results of empirical research conducted on the grounds of a case study. The publication improves the understanding of correlations between the enterprise’s effectiveness and the effectiveness of using the intellectual capital. The conclusions suggest that the value appropriation processes allow assessing transmission of the value for the customer into effectiveness of the conducted activity. However, implementation of this process requires the enterprise to have the capacity to transform the intellectual capital into the proposition of new value for the customer. The article contributes to the discussion conducted by management theoreticians and practitioners on the effectiveness of enterprise management, searching for the tools of increasing the enterprise’s effectiveness, as well as the ways and methods of competing.