Developing E-Business Competences A Challenge For Economic Universities In Poland

Abstract :

Higher education institutions, especially those with an economic profile, not only in Poland, but also worldwide, are currently facing a huge challenge, which is to make changes in the curricula in response to the labour market needs. The dynamic development of the e-economy causes that there is, currently and in the future, a constant increase in market demand for employees with e-business competences. The development of these competences will allow for equipping university graduates with skills and knowledge which will be their advantage on the labour market. With the above in mind, this article makes e-business competences, which should become a part of curricula at universities, the subject of research. The authors of the article presented the results of theoretical and empirical research, which allowed to identify key competences of e-business. By referring to domestic, foreign reports, such as the results of own research using the method of diagnostic survey, it was confirmed that the key competences in the field of e-business include building websites and e-shop by using, among others, WordPress, as well as many other modules used for complex construction and administration of websites.