Determinants of the Technology Innovation Implementation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Abstract :

Technology is the main factor of efficiency and competitiveness of modern enterprises. The implementation of technological innovations not only allows to achieve a competitive advantage, but is an important factor in the survival of an organization. Therefore, it seems advisable to constantly research the causes and benefits related to the implementation of new technologies in various types of organizations. These analyzes allow for more effective use of appropriate management tools and methods, which will translate into operational efficiency. The main aim of the research is to diagnose and assess the level of determinants and expected advantages of technology innovations implementation in enterprises. The additional aim of the research was to establish if there are correlations between the above variables and the management style in enterprise. To realize of the main aim, a?survey was realized in 2019 among 160 small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland. Using descriptive statistics, the intensity of impact of specific determinants and advantages of implementing technological innovations was indicated. In addition, independence of perception of these factors has been demonstrated from the management style in enterprises.