Determinants of Collecting Voluntary Savings for Retirement: Evidence from Poland

Abstract :

According to OECD forecasts for Poland, the retirement benefits paid out from the compulsory part of the universal pension system will be very low (replacement rate at approx. 30% in 2060). Meanwhile, only about 12% of Poles make voluntary savings for future retirement. The purpose of the article is to identify the factors which determine making voluntary retirement savings. The applied research methods included: critical analysis of the subject literature, diagnostic survey and logistic regression model. The data necessary to conduct the analysis were collected
in the course of the nationwide survey studies conducted in September 2019 using the Computer-Assisted Web Interview method. The obtained results show that making additional retirement savings is more probable among people with a monthly net income equal to or higher than the national average, who have taken appropriate measures connected with retirement planning and their retirement awareness presents average or very high level.