Determinant Factors Of Citizens’ Satisfaction With Municipal Services: The Case Of Municipalities On The Island Of S?o Nicolau

Abstract :

This study aimed to find out residents’ degree of satisfaction with local public services provided by local authorities on the island of S?o Nicolau in Cape Verde. It also intended to identify the determinants of citizens’ satisfaction. The research adopted a quantitative approach, through application of a questionnaire survey to residents in the municipalities of S?o Nicolau in Cape Verde, namely those of Ribeira Brava and Tarrafal de S?o Nicolau. 723 questionnaires were applied, corresponding to 56.4% of the population. The sampling error was 3.55% assuming a significance level of 95%, making the sample representative of the study universe. Globally, citizens were found to be satisfied with the municipality where they live. For the variables of Global Satisfaction with the municipality of residence and Global Satisfaction with financial management of the local authority, there are no differences by municipality of residence regarding citizens’ satisfaction. As both are located on the island of S?o Nicolau, in principle, there should be no discrepancy in their form of action due to characteristics associated with insularity. Citizens’ satisfaction is influenced positively by the Image of the Municipality, Quality of Basic Infrastructure and Services and Quality of Life in Leisure, Access to Culture, Environmental Quality and Safety. Quality in Economic Terms, on the other hand, seems to have no influence on citizen satisfaction.