Demographics Of Workers And The Effects/Implications For Job Turnover In The ICET Sector

Abstract :

Worker retention is one of the challenging problems faced by companies in any industry, as the performance of any business unit depends on its employees. The ability to retain qualified labour contributes significantly to the success of the business success.

This study explores how different demographic characteristics of employees influence turnover and retention in companies in the ICET sector. This study is relevant because mobility and the difficulty in retaining employees in the TICE sector is a current reality.

A descriptive research approach was adopted, and data were collected from companies in a technological cluster in Aveiro using a structured questionnaire and sent by email. A total of 100 respondents were included in this study.

The results reveal that workers are not very satisfied with the financial rewards they receive in companies, which can have an impact on employee retention and turnover. On the other hand, women are generally more satisfied compared to men, in their current jobs.