Decision Model for Planning the Transport of Goods in the International Aspect

Abstract :

The process of planning transport processes is one of the most important tasks performed in transport companies. The aim of the publication is to improve the transport process by creating a generalized model of planning the transport of goods in Europe, together with the decision-making model for the problem under investigation. In the field of research methods, observation methods of transport service providers were used. As a result of the analysis, a generalized model of the transport planning process has been created, on which an example of transport planning is presented and the optimal solution for selecting a transport option is presented. From the developed model of the decision making process it can be concluded that if transport is by road and sea route with hired means of transport can be eliminated. The optimal result of the decision analysis can be if the transport is carried out using an external forwarding company, the choice of the transport process and the determination of the type of transport remains unknown. Thanks to the applications contained in the article, both transport companies and manufacturing companies can simply and transparently make a decision on the choice of international freight transport services.