Decision Making Framework Enabling Sustainable Remanufacturing In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In The Automotive Sector

Abstract :

The main goal of this paper is to present the decision making framework which is based on the Sustainable Remanufacturing Maturity Model (SRMM). This framework supports the decision makers with actionable knowledge on how to reach the state of multidimensional (economic, ecological and social) resource efficiency in the remanufacturing process, so called sustainable remanufacturing (SR). The originality of the proposed framework results from relating the process maturity level (current state) to the appropriate improvement’s actions which can be taken at each maturity level. The framework provides adequate tools that allow to identify the improvement potential and to prioritize actions which are needed in order to improve the sustainability of the remanufacturing process. The tools are tailored for different levels of the process maturity in a company, namely: low, medium and high.