Customer Satisfaction In Online Shopping- The Application Of Kano Model In Service Quality Management Of B2C E-Commerce Website

Abstract :

Customer requirement and satisfaction evaluation can be accomplished via various methods. This paper uses Kano's Model of Quality to develop a conceptual framework for investigating quality attributes that satisfy different levels of quality expectations. This study uses Kano model as a theoretical framework to recognize and distinguish factors influencing quality perception and explores the possibilities of a better understanding of? customers’ requirements? connected with B2C e-commerce service quality attributes.

The aim of this paper is creation of a conceptual framework of? quality assessment based on e-commerce customer satisfaction? and application of Kano model in service quality evaluation of B2C e-commerce sites.
The paper attempts? to study the various dimensions of e-service quality affecting online shopping satisfaction and uses? Kano model to examine customers’ requirements and satisfaction level in e-commerce.? The Kano model has been used on a pilot sample of respondents. ?This research develops? and tests empirically this framework? for evaluation of e-retailing quality and assessment of customer satisfaction.? The results of this study provide guidelines to encourage improvements in B2C e-commerce and ?effective customer experiences management in online environment. This study? investigates empirically the determinants of high quality customer experiences, develops a measurable framework for? customer online satisfaction assessment, and indicates factors, which are significant for fulfillment of customers’ requirements and expectations in online shopping. Understanding the most influential elements for customers’ decision-making is not only beneficial for future development of e-commerce? but also for increasing customer satisfaction? and successful improvement of quality management in e-commerce companies.