Critical Human Resources Factors for the Efficient Implementation of the HACCP Standard in the Catering Industry

Abstract :

Human resources management is an important function in the hospitality sector, taking into consideration the fact that organizations within this sector, such as hotels, tourist agencies, hospitality objects, restaurants and resorts, depend on their employees as a source of competitive advantage. Therefore, the processes and human resources management philosophy in the hospitality sector must be applied well in order to ensure the commercial sustainability of organizations in this sector.?Human resources are usually the first contact between companies and their clients; therefore, the efficient management of human resources is crucial for the success of the companies operating in the tourism and hospitality fields. The paper explores the precise specificity of human resources management in the tourism and hospitality fields, i.e. the employee training and development processes with a focus on the importance of human resources for the success of the companies operating within the service sector.?The paper includes a research study based on the 142 respondents employed in different positions in the catering industry in the municipalities of the City of Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia. The research goal is to identify the needs for employee training and development that have appeared with the introduction of the HACCP standard to the facilities included in the research sample.