Corporate Governance Issues in Solving the Tasks of Strategic Development of Russian Companies

Abstract :

The prospect and relevance of corporate governance in Russia is explained by the fact that it is increasingly positioned as a factor in the stability and profitability of a business in difficult conditions of economic uncertainty caused by a series of global challenges. To objectify the choice of managers with the appropriate competence and to avoid principal-agent conflicts, it seems important to study the factors that prompt the process of delegation of company management to professional management and to reveal its specificity that is characteristic of Russian realities.?This study shows that the topic of achieving corporate governance effectiveness does not lose its relevance, its importance increases many times to achieve the strategic goals of the company, increase its competitiveness and investment attractiveness. The success of strategic development depends on many factors, including productive, responsible, and trusting relationships of all corporate governance entities, primarily owners and hired management. In the strategic plan, those companies that have chosen the path of improving corporate governance gain more chances of their own growth, reliable consolidation of previously won leading market positions and acquisition of a global scale.