Corollary impact of Corona on the Medical Tourism Market : With special focus on India

Abstract :

Medical tourism industry, a novel industry incepted a decade ago, is an amalgamation of healthcare and tourism. Global Medical tourism market is growing enormously at a CAGR of 18.8 %, according to Market data forecast. The estimated Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India on Medical purpose during the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 are 2,33,918; 4,27,014; 4,95,056 and 6,40,000 respectively. The growth in Medical tourism industry brought ripple effect in many other industries. Since Jan 2020, the globe started tumbling down due to Corona. Consequently, the pink medical tourism might face severe consequences of Corona. The paper “Corollary impact of Corona on the Medical Tourism Market: With special focus on India” investigates how Indian Medical Tourism Industry is going to witness the corollary impact of Corona in terms of economic, social and political facets. The paper unravels the future scenario of the industries which are directly or indirectly related to Indian medical tourism industry. It helps the Indian business entrepreneurs to become alerted for the upcoming scenario, thereby helps them to make better strategies for the recoup.?