Continous Improvement Model Bsed in Lean Manufacturin and Ergonomic Assessment to Reduce Non-conforming Productos and Losses in the Printing Industry

Abstract :

Approximately 16.9% of Peruvian manufacturing companies experience losses and damaged product issues in their production processes. In the face of our current digital era, which has impacted all business areas, markets in general have become more competitive. Moreover, the digital printing industry now represents approximately US$ 5 million of the Peruvian production sector and exhibits further growth opportunities. Within this context, a continuous improvement model was developed to increase productivity in a flexographic printing press through process optimization and implementation of an appropriate work environment using Lean and Ergonomics tools. The application of these tools was not only aimed at increasing process productivity but also the working condition and workstation design. The results herein achieved an 88% reduction in waste and 90% in defective products.