Contemporary Geo-Economic Conditions Of Capitalism

Abstract :

The subject matter of the research is a modern geo-economic attractor of capitalism; the research is based on the systematic approach applying methods of descriptive statistics and cluster analysis. The article analyses the reasons of the establishment of the modern geo-economic capitalism space and exposes the criteria of its existence.? Specifying progressive role of capitalism in the historical development of society is shown, cognitive abilities of people being the driver of capitalist social and economic structure development. The work reveals that capitalism possesses its own geography i.e. spatial extension characterized by development disparity (Anglo-Saxon, Continental Europe, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe). Capitalism geo-economic attractor defining exposed the absence of the USA, Germany, France and Japan, and domination of China and India. China and India do not possess definite features of capitalism demonstrating social color at that.? Transition of Russia to the new type of society ranks it with China and India but does not endower it with attractor’s features. The research resulted in understanding of development opportunities of the world and national economies concerning geo-economic capitalism attractor.

The problem of establishment of geo-economic capitalism space is intensified through entropy of social and economic structures in the modern world order. Globalization became the counteraction against entropy. It resulted in strengthening interdependence of national economies, formation of unified world economy structure within the framework of? capitalist social and economic structure focused on satisfaction of natural human instincts of egotism. Capitalism turned out to have specific geography, spatial extent.