Consumers Revealed Preferences In The Secondary Housing Market In Poznań

Abstract :

Many studies on buyers' characteristics and their housing market preferences are of a qualitative nature. Surveys are performed to classify the attributes of potential buyers, which are typically targeted. The study aims to evaluate the buyer's characteristics as well as the preferences reported on the secondary housing market in Poznań. To this end, information was collected on transactions concluded on the secondary market in Poznań in 2010-2016. Instead, the information contained in the land and mortgage registers (Section II-ownership and Section IV-mortgage) was used to assess the gender, the age of the buyers and the form of financing the buying of real estate.

Additionally, the information was supplemented with Cadastare data and Google Street View. The analysis shows that the largest number of flats were purchased in Nowe Miasto and Grunwald. Among the buyers, young people up to 35 years old dominated (they constituted about 48% of the buyers). The area of 2/3 of the apartments ranged from 30 to 60 m2, and 2/3 of the total were apartments located in buildings built in the traditional technology. What is essential, the majority of flats purchased with a loan (ca. 54%) constituted in the analysed period. The results obtained may serve as a basis for further consideration of the demographic conditions of demand on the Poznań housing market.