Conceptual Foundations of the Administrative Process as a Component of Public Administration

Abstract :

In the process of building a democratic, social and legal state, there is a corresponding change of opinion on some fundamental political and legal values and realities of practice. Moreover, it is not only about the so-called change of accents, but about fundamental changes and absolutely new approaches and ideas about established phenomena and traditions.?The search in this direction is urgently necessary within the administrative law reform, implemented not only in the Russian Federation, but also in many countries of the world. The consequences of the reform depend crucially on what kind of administrative models will be implemented, what understanding of the base principles and the goal of state management we will adhere to.?For the formation of modern scientific, methodological and legal foundations of administrative reform, we need a corresponding study of the essence and features of the administrative process in modern conditions from the perspective of public administration. We can perform this task by considering this concept at the conceptual level, through the ratio and definition of categories, with the help of which it is possible to transmit the content of administrative and procedural activities.?The questions of defining the essence of the administrative process, highlighting its features, its tasks and principles have always attracted the attention of scientists. So its understanding reflects the dominant ideas about the essence and purpose of administrative law. The issues of proper regulation of the conditions and procedure for the implementation of laws and bylaws, as well as comprehensive and effective protection of rights and freedoms of citizens, within the administrative and procedural activities, are becoming particularly acute in modern conditions.??Currently, during the public administration reform, there are a corresponding changes in the views on a number of fundamental political and legal values and realities of practice, which include the administrative process and, accordingly, administrative and procedural activities. Therefore, for the formation of modern scientific, methodological and legal bases for reform in the administrative sphere there is the need of appropriate scientific research of a wide range of issues that cover the problems of administrative procedural activity.