Conceptual Foundations For Constructing A Sociocultural Matrix Of An Ecological-Tourist Landscape

Abstract :

This article attempts to construct a sociocultural matrix of an ecological-tourist landscape in order to promote the image of the territory. It is shown that the social construction of the ecological-tourist landscape is based on the ideas of the correlation of the environment, image, action and narrative. Today, the landscape fits into our identity, relationships and life scenario and suggests an active position in the sequence of life events. To a certain extent, the design of ecological-tourist landscapes is designed to overcome the growing emancipation of man from the place, to restore the coherence and meaningfulness of the spatial organization of life that we lose in separation, lack of commitment and unlimited freedom. At the same time, representing a positive, “elevated” from an axiological point of view and at the same time very varied image, the constructed ecological-tourist matrix of the region is an important element of strategic planning of the image of the territory.