Competences Of Engineers 4.0 And Their Knowledge On The Industry 4.0 Conception

Abstract :

?Development of the Industry 4.0 conception does not only refer to the technological aspect, but also to the procedural-organisational and human aspect. Therefore, implementation of the Industry 4.0 conception means undertaking measures in various areas and multi-faceted approach to the issue from the viewpoint of business processes. It poses specific challenges not only to the management in organisations operating on the market, but primarily, to schools and universities aimed at proper preparation of graduates to professional work. One of the most significant aspects influencing the development of this conception consists in developing awareness regarding its potential, including consideration of threats and opportunities and proper creation of competences and skills of prospective employees 4.0. These factors influence the role and significance of contemporary education, especially in the areas of shaping future engineers. The aim of this study is to present results of own research regarding future engineers’ awareness of the 4.0 conception and the assessment of developing specific skills within current didactic classes. A survey method has been used in the research conducted among Polish students of technical faculties. An actual assessment of these skills conducted on the basis of specific works’ performance by the students participating in the research would constitute a valuable supplementation of the research. Obtained results indicate that students participating in the research have knowledge on the selected technologies constituting the foundation of the Industry 4.0 and the hitherto classes conducted within studies develop both, technical and soft skills.