Comparison Of Satisfaction The Slovak And Foreign Visitors In The Slovak Paradise National Park In The Context Of Ecotourism

Abstract :

The main aim of the contribution is a comparison of foreign and Slovak visitors contentment with accommodation, restaurant and transport services in the northern part of the National Park Slovak Paradise. The analysis was performed on the basis of personally collected data from the questionnaire survey conducted during the summer season from June to September 2017. We addressed the requested respondents personally in accommodation and restaurant facilities in the most famous tourist resorts of the northern part of the Slovak Paradise National Park - Podlesok, ?ingov, Hrabu?ice and other nearby localities and car parks. The survey sample consisted of 211 respondents, of which 100 were Slovak and 111 foreign visitors. The questionnaire was developed in 6 language mutations. We found out from our survey that both Slovak and foreign visitors are equally satisfied or dissatisfied with the provision of accommodation, restaurant and transport services in the Slovak Paradise, which they used during their stay. Most visitors, however, were satisfied.