Community Relations Activities of Tourism, Arts and Culture in Nigeria

Abstract :

This study examines Community Relations activities in government agencies. The purpose is to investigate public awareness and perception about the community relations activities in ministry services. The research method employed for the aim of this paper is the survey design technique, using the questionnaires to gather the opinion of respondents. This paper reveals that the public generally are not aware of the activities being executed by the ministry and as such, have not impacted their lives since its existence. The paper adopts the theory of social relation. The paper concludes that the Ministry needs a stronger relationship with the public and the media to overcome the current negative perception and low awareness of its activities.? They should as well focus more on areas that will benefit the public such as more empowerment programs, more educational programs and better community relations. Its recommends that the council should restructure its public relations team, set aside people who will mobilize people in each local government in Lagos. Let the community benefit from the government. Create a long-lasting relationship with Lagosians, and they will never forget the organisation.