Coaching As An Effective Approach In Corporate Training Of Sellers

Abstract :

Corporate training is one of the most important factors in the sustainable efficiency and competitiveness of an organization based on human capital development. In this context, the attention in the presented paper is paid to the possibilities of coaching as an educational tool for sellers. Accentuated is not only the selection of suitable people for the position of sellers, but above all the continuous training of these people. Coaching is one of the important tools of comprehensive development of work potential of sellers that respects the individual specifics of coached persons. Connected with it, the paper presents the results of the assessment of coaching using the AC-BEC method. The analysis conducted was based on a comparison of the responses of coached and non-coached sellers. The results confirmed the existence of statistically significant differences between the responses of the coached and non-coached sellers in terms of Behaviour, Emotions and Cognitions. The coached sellers assessed the impact of coaching on their willingness to change their habits, develop their potential, behave more efficiently, and realize their own responsibility for themselves and their lives more positively than the non-coached ones.