Climate Effects In EU Agriculture

Abstract :

Climate change and pressures on natural resources will continue to affect agriculture and pose food security concerns. The EU's 2030 climate and energy targets set ambitious targets. Like all other sectors, agriculture should make a fair contribution to achieving them, as outlined in the Commission's proposals on effort sharing and land use, land change and forestry (LULUCF). At the same time, agriculture is one of the sectors most vulnerable to climate change. Water deficit, changing rainfall regime, general temperature rises and variations, increased intensity and frequency of extreme climate-related phenomena, the presence and persistence of (new) harmful organisms and diseases, as well as fire risks are already challenges for practices and current agricultural and forestry production. Farmers and foresters are not only users of natural resources, but also indispensable managers of ecosystems, habitats and landscapes. Any new type of CAP should reflect greater ambition and focus more on results in terms of resource efficiency, environmental care and climate action.