Chinese Initiative One Belt, One Road – The Implications For The European Economy

Abstract :

Initiative of the Chinese government, One Belt One Road, focused on the expansion of the network infrastructure linking China, the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe is meant to expand the cooperation of these countries in the implementation of infrastructure and finance related projects. Therefore the initiative will be of crucial importance to the development of the Chinese economy, its partner countries and regions in the world. The aim of the article is to present the essence, significance and the expected impact of this strategic economic project, both on the European market and the world market.

The basis of conducted analyzes are mainly experts’ opinions obtained from the press and Internet portals, consulting agencies and so-called think tanks, specializing in economics and international economic relations, such as: European Council on Foreign Relations, Bruegel and McKinsey's Podcasts. Preliminary statistical data on the implementation process of the One Belt, One Road project has also been included. Analyses have been conducted in two key areas: regarding trade between China and other countries, and in the field of the investment activity in the countries covered by the initiative.