Challenges for Modern Enterprises – The Issue of Mismatching Professional Competencies from the Perspective of Own Research

Abstract :

The discussed issues are aimed at characterising the challenges for modern enterprises in the field of continuous improvement of employee competencies in the face of dynamic technological progress. Based on the literature review, the authors of the paper presented the issue of skill mismatch and indicated the reason for this state of affairs. For many years, enterprises have been struggling to find suitably qualified employees whose competencies would be closely correlated with the needs of the labour market. The problem area is very broad and requires in-depth analysis not only on the scale of the enterprise but the entire education system. Enterprises, despite the undertaken actions, are constantly looking for a way out of this situation, recruiting candidates within their own organisation. However, the problem remains unsolved. Based on the conducted research, the authors of the paper considered this problem from the perspective of the employee. While analysing the research results, an attempt to answer a number of questions was made and future directions of actions aimed at solving the above-mentioned problems were outlined.