Case-Study Method As An Educational Technology For Teaching Management Students

Abstract :

This article considers modern innovative technologies as a means of improving the quality of students’ education at the university. An important aspect of assessing the professionalism of the teacher is his knowledge of innovative technologies, readiness and ability to apply innovative teaching methods in practice in the conditions of the course held in Russia to improve the quality of education. With the transformation of the educational paradigm, the creative activity of the teacher and the use of innovative methods and technologies in teaching are actualized. The basis of quality education should be such teaching methods that develop students’ critical thinking and ability to self-development. The article deals with the current state of Russian vocational education, identified patterns and trends of its development. Various forms of basic methods for active means of teaching students are shown in order to improve the quality of education, the importance of personal and professional teacher's competencies. The application of innovative technologies and teaching methods in the educational process is substantiated.