Calidad Del Servicio Y Satisfacción Del Cliente: Analisis En Franquicias De Alimentos

Abstract :

This article aims to determine the quality of service and customer satisfaction in food companies. The investigation is quantitative. A survey of 25 reagents rated on a 5-point Likert scale is applied. The sample is 247 customers. Factor analysis was used in a matrix of main components to the reagents proposed to measure the quality of service and Customer Satisfaction, obtaining four components for service quality and one for the second variable. With the Pearson correlation measure, the components was determined, demonstrating that “Convenience and precision” is the highest incidence. The "Human Capital" coefficient exposes a moderate positive correlation, unlike the "Atmosphere" and "Installations" that have positive but low correlations. The maximum contribution with this study suggests that it can generate a service model for this type of business that today sets the standard as a gastronomic alternative. Keywords: Quality of service, Customer satisfaction, Servuction Model.