Business Or Marriage? The Review Of Startups And Relationships

Abstract :

In the turbulent global business environment of the 21st century, impressive technology development, growing market saturation and increasing monopolization in individual sectors, the level of difficulty to create new successful enterprises and develop existing ones constantly grows. Despite this, there are business initiatives on the market that quickly allow their creators to achieve not only above-average financial results, but also to create global enterprises, making millionaires from their creators. Startups in the second decade of the 21st century along with their brilliant creators are presented as a synonym of entrepreneurship, and innovation. The most often discussed examples are these achieving a very high return on investment. Unsuccessful ventures that the market has not accepted are rarely analyzed. However, the question about the source of startup success, especially at the stage of establishing and initial rapid growth, is constantly repeated in the strategic analyzes of these projects. What really causes that some startups quickly gain advantage not only on the local but also global market? How do similar business ideas in one startup leads to failure, and in a competitive startup becomes energy throwing the venture into the orbit of global players and the accompanying international competition? What is the source of startup success? Is it a competitive idea, the characteristics of the creator and his knowledge of the sector, or the size of investment capital at the beginning? Or maybe the market environment of the enterpriseā€¦?