Being “Eco” As the Future for the Cosmetics and Household Chemistry Market in Poland. The Preliminary Research

Abstract :

Purpose. ?The aim of the article is to learn the behavior and opinions of consumers of the cosmetics and household chemistry market in Poland.?Methodology. Our analysis is based on data collected by survey method. In the analysis we use the data provided by 222 respondents – the consumers in Poland. The survey was created by the authors of the article to find out the opinions and behavior of respondents regarding pro-ecological behavior while shopping in the cosmetics and household chemistry sector at the end of 2019. Descriptive statistics and graphic data presentation were used to present the research results.?Findings. Research results have shown that Poles are very environmentally aware and implement many behaviors in their daily lives in order to counteract climate change. 85% of respondents declare their willingness to buy cosmetics and environmentally friendly household chemistry. As the most important product feature, determining the choice of cosmetics and household chemicals, respondents indicated the composition of the products offered.?Originality/value. This paper makes two major contributions to the literature and business practise. First, it presents? possible? green activities on the cosmetics and home chemistry market. Secondly, it presents consumer opinions on the demand and criteria for selecting this kind of products in Poland. This analysis may be the basis for building production, promotion and sales strategies for enterprises operating on the cosmetics and household chemistry market in Poland.