Awareness and Usage of Social Media as the e-Public Relations Tool in a Health Ministry and Agency in Nigeria

Abstract :

This study focused on e-Public Relations as a tool for effective healthcare management, using the Lagos State Ministry of Health. The Lagos State Primary Health Care Board, Nigeria, as a study, to discover if the outpatients are aware of the use of social media as an ex-public relations tool. The advent of the Internet has significantly changed the way health information considered (Omokiti et al., 2020). Relevant to this study is the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3., which is good health and well being. Also, the theoretical foundation of the study is the Excellence Theory, which involves creating value and functional relationship between an organisation (hospital) and it is public (outpatients). Thus, In-depth interviews were conducted in the public relations departments of both the Ministry of Health and Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), its sister agency. An interview guide applied to elicit answers to each of the research questions. , which recommended that the public relation department at hospitals try to execute the functions of maintaining a mutual relationship or an understanding between the hospital, and its outpatients. The study recommends the introduction of online communication consultants that will help guide healthcare practitioners on how to use social media to create a smoother patient-hospital relationship.?