Awareness and Impact of the Public Relations Activities on a State Ministry of the Environment in Nigeria

Abstract :

Public relations is a management function, and its activities and tools are indispensable to every organization for building and sustaining image. Lagos state is one of the most populous states in West Africa yet small in size. The Lagos state ministry of the environment with one of its agencies Lagos State Parks and Gardens is committed to building a cleaner, greener and sustained Lagos despite the challenge of overcrowding. This study seeks to discover public relations actions and its approaches to the Ministry and its Agency. It would identify the tools used in carrying out their public relations actions, and examine the effect of climate change while ensuring life on land. The study focused on the Lagos state ministry of environment and one of its agencies, Lagos State Parks and Gardens, which were selected purposively. The population was selected purposively due to accessibility of the ministry and agency.? The study found that public relations actions are ongoing in the Ministry and its Agency. Proactive measures are in place to combat climate change and ensure secured life on land. Moreover, the right tools are engaged to execute and disseminate their public relations actions and messages which have a massive impact on the environment and the public. However, the study recommends that the public relations actions executed by the ministry and agency should be more intensified with massive awareness to the public until it becomes a lifestyle.